17 Jun

syphonsoft $11.99 Web Hosting Special

The syphonsoft website has been updated, it too using the WordPress content management system and templates.

We are running the following special, this is about as low in price as anybody could possibly go. We are running this special to get new customers, anybody who has ever wanted a website, but not known where to start.

►Get ★your own website★ up tonight for ONLY $11.99★

I am a local Austinite, I live around Manchaca and William Cannon.

Do it yourselfer’s
Get your own website up tonight for $11.99
  • Want a website, but not sure where to start?
  • Want a custom email address?
  • Want a cool web address to redirect to somewhere, like a facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin, or another social networking profile?
  • Want a web address to put on a business card? Need a professional looking email address to put on a business card?
  • Have a small business, need to start by having a website?
  • Need to promote yourself, need website to just show off your skills, resume, or portfolio.
  • Have a flier that you are using for marketing and want a website with the same information on it as your marketing flier?

Example: (I just made these up, they are not real)

I have figured it out and have built many websites and know exactly how to get you up and running. I would be happy to help you get started.
I can offer you man services, including full website design and creation, but to just get you up and running for the posted price of $11.99, simply;

Follow these 3 steps:

wordpress.org wordpress.org syphonsoft.com godaddy.com google.com syphonsoft.com

  1. Go to http://www.godaddy.com and buy a .com domain name for yourself, it can cost you anywhere between $1.99/yr.-$6.99/yr. on sale now (Regularly between $2.99/yr.-$14.99/yr. depending on domain name and extension.)
    1. When purchasing the domain name, update the two Name Server values to the following:
      This is to associate the new domain name with the hosting server that you will be doing in the next step.
  2. Go to http://www.syphonsoft.com and


    click on the link for web hosting for $10/mo.
    This is my site, this is what I get out of this, in case you are wondering.

  3. Contact me and let me know that steps 1 and 2 are complete and what text (up to one paragraph) to put on the the home page of your new website.
    In return I will provide you all of the steps to connect to your new site and software that you will need (all free). Then it is up to you to write some simple HTML, as I have written with this ad, and you are off and rolling.
    Normally, an additional $50 would be charged for all of this setup and additional information and guidance, but this is waived.

You would get something similar to this: http://www.knewcomer.com

If you get stuck or don’t feel comfortable performing the first two steps, contact me and I can guide you through.

Contact me first if you would like to discuss this over email or by phone, this is legit, not a scam. I have lived in South Austin all my life and have worked with websites for over 10 years. I just thought of this way to get more people on the web for as cheap as possible.

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If you need further help or development with your website, let me know and I can give you a quote for building your website exactly as you wish
Here are some of the sites that I have recently built using all of the tools that come with the $10/mo. hosting package from Step 2:
Note: The following type of built websites are not included for $11.99. If you would like this type of website design and development, contact me for a quote.