13 Aug

3 Months Free Hosting with Referral Business

3 Months Free Hosting with Referral Business

Are you an existing syphonsoft customer or joining now? And know somebody who would also like hosting? Refer a friend and get 3 months of hosting absolutely FREE!!

Refer as many friends as you like. The more that join the more free hosting that you receive. There is no limit to the amount of months free you can get off of your hosting account for completed hosting referrals.

This is the ONLY fine print – Each referral must complete a 1 year hosting agreement before you receive 3 months free from your hosting account.

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12 Aug

Computer Virus Be Gone

Computer virus repair services

Has some official looking security program taken over and hijacked your machine? Unable to get out to the internet? Running really slow? Scared that all is lost and you will have to start over? Or take your machine to some chain computer store to have teenage kids working on your machine, just to overcharge you? Well, then you need us, we can get your machine back on track in 1 business day or no charge. That’s right, we fix your machine or NO CHARGE to you.

Have you tried everything, all of those internet hacks, spyware, malware, trojan horse virus removal software, but not working… Heck, you probably can’t even get on the internet to find out what is wrong or how to fix.

Have a friend or a kid that usually does this for you, but too much for them? Not too much for me!

Are you a victim of any of the following viruses or malware?:

  • MaxPerforma Optimizer
  • System Fix
  • AV Security Suite
  • PC Cleaner
  • Vista Anti-virus 2011
  • Coupon Support – Coupon Codes
  • Advanced System Protector
  • bestsaaveforyou
  • Better Surf Plus
  • Optimizer Pro
  • My PC Backup
  • Desk 365
  • Disceountexoteensli
  • Delta Toolbar
  • Delta Chrome Toolbar
  • Easytoshop
  • Getsav-in
  • Vimageconveuotear
  • MyPC Backup
  • WebCake
  • Webexp Enhanced
  • Webgeniuos
  • Whitesmoke New Toolbar
  • VAF Player

$85 to take a computer that is overridden with debilitating viruses and remove and quarantine these pesky harmful damaging bugs from your computer.

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Don’t worry, we’ll get it off of your machine, so that you can get back to surfin’ the internet!!

Your privacy and the privacy of your machine and data are our utmost importance.

syphonsoft.com, I work out of the home. Drop off your computer to me and it will be returned in 24 hours, virus free.


Great list of download software.

Remove System Fix