Control Panel

syphonsoft Web Hosting Control Panel

cPanel automates and simplifies the administration of your machine by supplying a client control panel to any domain names you add to your server, which includes all of the features located in the syphonsoft Web Hosting control.

cPanel also supplies a webhost manager interface for your usage to add accounts to your machine and perform many of the basic administrative tasks which would normally be very complex without the assistance of cPanel.

Reinvent Your Services

From the customer end services and features are added which extend beyond the standard Linux based system environment to include all features in our cPanel.
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From e-mail and ftp account management, to various site enhancing CGI programs, to a fully featured shopping cart, the features offered to the end user of a server running cPanel are numerous and substantial.

All cPanel systems are fully reconfigurable to fit the look and feel your company desires. The skinning process of cPanel is simple html editing through the program of your choice.

Preview what you can offer your customers by using cPanel in our cPanel demo.
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cPanel Demo Behind Firewall.
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Server Administration: Simplified

Automated systems deployed within the cPanel Webhost Manager allow for minimal admin level maintenance and maximal efficiency in both server maintenance and account creation. Security and software are updated automatically by the cPanel system leaving the administrator only to create accounts and bill their clients.

Facilities include web based management of nearly all administrative tasks. Security checks, service restarts, bandwidth statistics and DNS functions are all handled via the web interface with no requirement to know shell commands.

Webhost Manager monitors disk space quotas, bandwidth quotas, and process information ensure that your services are not abused by customers. Optional propriety throttling programs can blunt bandwidth spikes on individual accounts and further prevent system overloads.

Reseller management systems allow for the creation of restricted reseller accounts within the Webhost Manager allowing the reseller to create/delete their own accounts. One of many systems employed by cPanel to decrease administrative maintenance requirements and further automate your cPanel based web server.

View a demo of cPanel Webhost Manager (user: demo pass: demo).

Webhost Manager Behind Firewall Demo (user: demo pass: demo).